Second Saturday at Lone Star Arts District — June 2013

Second Saturday at Lone Star Arts District -- June 2013

Originally conceived primarily as an arts event several years ago, First Friday in Southtown has evolved into…well, something different. This, combined with the reduction of gallery space at the Blue Star, created a need for a monthly event truly focusing on the arts. Although several years in existence, Second Saturday, centered in the Lone Star Arts District, is quickly growing to become a major event. And the fact that most artists in this area own their galleries (as opposed to renting them) means that this event won’t be displaced by more commercially-oriented themes.

The June event proved to be no exception. Several galleries featured new exhibits, and around every corner was something different to behold. New galleries are popping up, and a craft brewery is being built on South Flores. Despite the fact that the event is growing in popularity, a couple of galleries chose not to open this month. Regardless, there was still plenty to see and do — as well as many interesting people in attendance.

To check out the photo album, click here.

For more information on Second Saturday, check out LoneStarArtDistrict on facebook.


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