Blue Star Contemporary: Black Box Lunch Series – June 19, 2013

Several times a year, Blue Star hosts the Black Box Lunch Series, an opportunity to meet exhibiting artists and discuss their work.  I attended my first featuring Amita Bhatt and Sharon Kopriva, two of the four artists from “Texas Tough,” running through August 24th.  What a great concept, once you get past the crunching of chips.  To be honest, those in attendance were so quickly engrossed by the life story that Amita was relating, actually trying to eat became an afterthought.


All eyes on Amita…..

We started in the back gallery with Amita’s work surrounding, engulfing us. Tables were set up in a large square configuration with a few more rows of chairs to round out seating for the group.  Elizabeth Lyons, programming and marketing wiz at BSC, graciously welcomed all.  A very different vibe from the typical auditorium and podium set up.  It lent a certain intimacy once the ice was broken and we got started.

When Amita’s presentation ended, we followed Sharon to the main gallery, into the veritable maw of her work spanning 30 years.  As we trailed her through the gallery, she led us through her very imposing body of sculptures and paintings with a grace and self-effacing humor that was completely disarming.  The hour allotted for the conversation flew by in the blink of an eye.


We’re walking…..

I’ll not go into further detail here, and save the individual artist impressions for additional entries.  I would like to encourage immersing oneself in conversations such as these whenever possible.  We attended the opening of the exhibition which was a wonderful evening, but the individual point of view that can be gained from listening to an artist’s story is of immeasurable value – a price beyond rubies!

Click here to view photos from the opening reception.

The next Black Box Lunch is scheduled for July 24 with the remaining “Texas Tough” gals, Jill Bedgood and Sherry Owens.  For more information visit


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