Contemporary Rabbit Month at Sala Diaz

We were fortunate to be escorted to Sala Diaz by a close friend who knew its location. Otherwise, we probably would have circled the block a couple of times before realizing that it was actually to be found in an unassuming vintage home nestled behind a cluster of trees. The word “rustic” probably describes this structure best. Although it is in no danger of falling down, the building has an air of benign neglect, thanks to the peeling paint and what appears to be the original metal roof.


Recycled bicycle handlebars make for an amusing screen door handle

It’s actually one building amongst a few sharing a large common area in back, where the evening’s festivities were going to be held. Since we arrived early, the reception was still taking place on the front porch.


A very relaxing and inviting place to be on a Friday evening in Southtown

It became apparent this event was a place for artists to come together and socialize amongst themselves. Very laid back and friendly, complete with Batman, the host kitty, who is more than happy to rub against your legs as if to say hello.


Batman is on the prowl, waiting for new guests to welcome

The reason for this event was the opening of Derrick Durham & Leona Scull-Hons: Dust My Broom / Settle In, a Contemporary Rabbit Month event hosted by Sala Diaz, which is actually an artists’ cooperative. You can keep track of their upcoming events and happenings at

Inside the building were two installations. Right inside the front door was a tent-like structure made from lace curtains and what appeared to be laundry racks. The inside of the tent was all ready for people to hang out and relax in the air conditioning, a nice relief from the sultry evening outside. The kids on hand took quick advantage of its hospitable space…


The cooler is certain to be full of cool beverages

Further inside the building was a motorcycle- and camping-themed space, complete with a faux campfire, fully stocked cooler, and of course a video presentation. (What 21st century camping adventure would be complete without a portable video projector!)


Watching the video installation

The next time a Sala Diaz opening comes up, be sure to mark it on your calendar. Be sure to explore the grounds, which includes the adjoining Casa Chuck, named after the late Chuck Ramirez. It is now being used as an artist-in-residence space — you can learn more at

We hope to see you there…and don’t forget the Lone Star!



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