Artpace: International Artists-In-Residence Program 13.2: Part 1

The best thing about Artpace, in my opinion, is the interaction. The diversity. The pressing of diversity. I am relatively new to San Antonio and thus, to Artpace. What an interesting concept. Since 1994, an international coterie of curators have been bringing artists to San Antonio 3 at a time – one representative from Texas, another an artist working elsewhere in the US, and the final an international candidate. There are 3 installations per year. The artists get a 2-month residency which includes a place to stay with a living stipend, a budget for creating an onsite artwork, access to studio and exhibit space, along with workshops and other support services. The idea is that the artists have an opportunity to interact with the community as well. How fabulous.

On Spot: Curator and Artists

On Spot: Curator and Artists

The gathering to celebrate the opening of the 2013 Summer Program was a poppin’! Curator Hou Hanru brought together  a group of artists with very divergent vision and working styles – part of what made the exhibit compelling. Pak Sheung Chuen from Hong Kong, Trevor Paglen from New York, and Clarissa Tossin currently in Houston (by way of Brasillia).

More to come…


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