A Postcard from the Edge!


So…this innocuous-looking postcard arrives in my mailbox this afternoon. What could it be? And who sends postcards in this day and age, anyway? My 90-year-old aunt? Nah, she uses Facebook, too.

Let’s take a look at the other side, shall we…? (I strongly suggest you click on the link. Just sayin’…)

sweeneyWhat in the world? What is going on here? Who is trying to frighten the dickens out of me? What is my mailman thinking right about now? Ack!!!

Then I got thinking…at a recent Blue Star opening, there was a gallery of offbeat postcards. Just like this one, as a matter of fact.

Who was the artist? None other than our own Gary Sweeney. Yes folks, I’m one of the lucky ones who got punk’d by him. I feel truly honoured.

Oh…and if anyone is wondering, Tami is fine. She’s just sleeping…


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