A Visit to Geekdom

DSC_0917Coworking finally finds a firm footing in San Antonio! After a couple of previous unsuccessful (but well-intentioned) attempts, Geekdom is providing an environment for those with hopes, dreams…and, of course, brilliant ideas.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, coworking is a space where people can rent a desk in an open area, or an office space, which can be shared or all yours — depending on what you can afford. However, rates are supposed to be reasonable — that’s one of the key points behind the concept. The other key to coworking is that it creates an environment for people to interact. Getting to know other folks can lead to professional synergies, and hopefully, success for all parties involved.


Welcome to Geekdom!

Thanks to the largesse of Graham Weston, CEO of Rackspace, two floors of the Weston Center downtown have become a very active coworking space. And what a space it is…!


There are several meeting rooms throughout the facility

There are offices, meeting rooms, recreation areas…and what is perhaps my favorite, the entertainment lounge. All in all, this is a fantastic place to work. And let off some steam when you’re stymied.


Ah, the pure embodiment of geekiness…the video gaming room!


Ping pong, anyone?

The cost of entry is very reasonable. $50 per month gets you in the door, and access to the shared working spaces. For $200, you can have a desk in a shared office space (if you’re a startup, it’s only $150). Generally, there are four people per office. Conference room time is also provided as part of the package. Even better, there is up to $25,000 in funding available for startups through the Geekdom Fund.


The largest of the meeting rooms even provides beanbags for the truly laid-back

Needless to say, all of this is quite impressive. Even better, Graham Weston recently acquired the Rand Building (next to Frost Bank headquarters, long ago the Wolff & Marx department store), and is going to be relocating Geekdom into the two floors of that building. Admittedly, the views won’t be as spectacular as they are in the Weston Centre, but it does represent an opportunity for Geekdom to grow even more.


The main lounge provides a place to hang out and come up with brilliant ideas

But perhaps what is most impressive of all about this concept is that a location will be opening soon in San Francisco. Yep, our humble little city is exporting a little bit of inspired genius!

It’s important to note that Geekdom is not just a place for the digerati. To quote, “Geekdom is a new kind of collaborative coworking space where Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Developers, Makers & Creatives help each other build businesses & other cool things together.” In fact, one office is currently occupied by a city councilperson who is working on a music CD, and Community Supported Arts is also based in this facility. It’s my fervent hope that more “creatives” will join in this coworking venture. It certainly represents an intriguing opportunity, doesn’t it!

Want to see some more? Click here.


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