A Talented Crop: CSA Announces Artist Selections


Kelly has a few words for the group

We hustled over Geekdom on Monday evening to join Kelly Schaub and her first crop of artists to participate in the CSA. The Community Supported Art initiative gives 9 artists a stipend to create works of art for 50 shares. These shares are available for purchase at $350. We think it is a great concept,and one that is catching on around the country, so why not San Antonio?


Catching up with Luis Valderas of 3rd Space Art Gallery


Yukking it up with new-comer Dedra Espinoza

The roster of artists include some familiar faces as well as some that we will have an opportunity to get to know better. Here’s the list with links to their web pages or social media profiles, so please check it out. It may give you some ideas. Remember, available shares are limited to 50, so if you like what you see, now is the time to get on the bandwagon. It seems a great way to make an investment in the art community and have fun doing it. What’s not to love?

For a more in depth look at what CSA is, please take a look at our previous post here.


Horsing around at the Photo-op

We will continue to watch this story unfold with anticipation!


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