Jazz’SAlive @ 30: Dead Man Walking

As a newcomer to San Antonio, this was Tami’s first experience with Jazz’SAlive, the city’s homage to the art form held annually in Travis Park. And yes, we are jazz fans — Sunday brunch CANNOT commence without Henry Brun on KRTU. Back in 1985, when Page first arrived in town fresh from Canada, his first stop was at Jazz’SAlive. The incomparable Dave Brubeck was playing on the old, small Parks Department mobile stage, and Page’s buddy Charlie Mullins was running tech and sound that year. Mullins — gone too soon — went on to work as Road Manager for another legend, Steve Earle. Well, Page ended up working the show that night some 30-odd years ago. That’s just the way it rolls. Subsequently, in addition to being a local television director, Page went on to do sound for SA’s own Earfood Orchestra for a number of years.


Courtesy S.A. Parks Foundation — Artwork by Robert Tatum

Tami’s deep experience as a visual artist took her to many of the best festivals in the country, notably The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. She has worked as a nonprofit arts administrator and has had the “joy” of working with teams to put these types of festivals together. So… we were really looking forward to having a great time when we rode down to soak up some good music and sunshine on Sunday afternoon. The experience in a word: Disappointing.

In the spirit of constructive criticism, let’s take a look at all the problems we encountered, and then offer up some solutions…

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George Krause: San Miguel Exposed @ Cinnabar Gallery (NSFW)


Hmmm…what’s going on in there? Looks pretty lively…

September is an overwhelming month for art openings in San Antonio. Not only is it the start of Fotoseptiembre, but it’s also time for all of the major museums and galleries to host their Fall seasonal opening events. As a result, a show must really stand out in order to get one’s attention. So…after attending the Texas Bienniale opening at Blue Star earlier this month (which featured a broad range of art and artists, but really didn’t grab our attention), we sauntered down the alley into the bowels of the complex to seek out the the new kid on the block: Cinnabar. We didn’t know exactly what to expect…so were we impressed by their grand opening event? You bet!

(You are are officially warned at this point: What is beyond the link is NSFW.)

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Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders

USA. Elkhorn, Wisconsin. 1966. Cal.

Photo courtesy San Antonio Museum of Art

It’s Fotoseptiembre once again, and for the occasion San Antonio Museum of Art is offering up Danny Lyon: The Bikeriders. Featuring photographs that Lyon took in the mid-1960’s, this iconic series of photographs offer up a unique look inside the biker culture of the time. As a motorcyclist and group ride leader myself — although not a “biker” in the true sense — I was immediately captivated by images that portrayed a frank, honest look at a tightly-knit group of people who are generally not in the habit of allowing themselves to be photographed in such a manner. So captivated, in fact, that I browsed all of the photos in the exhibition not once, but twice!

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