Andrés Ferrandis: “Numinous” at Ruiz-Healy Art

Numinous (adj.)  describing an experience that makes you fearful yet excited and fascinated, awed yet attracted. The powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and truly inspired.

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We had the pleasure of chatting with contemporary artist, Andrés Ferrandis in advance of his show, Numinous, at Ruiz-Healy Art in Olmos Park. Ferrandis, in San Antonio for this opening event, hails from Valencia, Spain, and is currently based out of Miami.

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“Being honest in how we talk about the work, these are collages,” explains the artist in his beautifully accented English. As the conversation continues, it becomes clear that Ferrandis is very particular in how he thinks about his work, how he presents it.

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“A few years ago I decided not to mix everything. My paintings are large scale, these are works on paper — collage, and then I also have my digital photo works.” Ferrandis also works in collaboration with architects and designers on a project basis. “Now, there are so many things for an artist to do.”

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Ferrandis graduated from the University of Seville with a masters degree in fine arts and painting. “I was working in the traditional classical drawing discipline. My foundation  was very academic. After 5 years of classicism and the old school parameters, I was excited by the materials of our time. I was seduced!” This was 1997.

DSC_4728 (1024x684)

This collection of collage on paper is very pristine and lush all at once. At first glance, the work seems very tight and graphic, and it is. But the more you immerse yourself in the works, the varied textures of the materials employed blend and smudge in the mind’s eye. Felt, plastics, newsprint, painted and cut papers, printed photography on paper (some his own, some appropriated), all are mechanically joined with tiny, brightly colored rivets. As Ruiz-Healy puts it, “…organic and geometric forms seem to drift and swirl through landscapes of memory.”

DSC_4740 (1024x675)

The opening reception at the gallery was standing room only. The artist and gallery staff were in constant conversation with intrigued patrons all evening, and past the appointed ending hour. Media and Gallery Specialist, Jessica Garcia and I talked about the fact that Ferrandis never presents the same work twice. “When I was researching for this exhibit, I noticed that it is always something new.”

DSC_4766 (1024x684)

That is a refreshing trait that I sensed when conversing with the artist. A desire to always push his own boundaries, and for him that seems to mean a degree of experimentation. Seeing as he works in very defined “paths,” his interest and focus shifts where the impetus takes him.

DSC_4778 (1024x684)

When things slowed a bit, the artist shared a conversation from earlier in the evening. He was delighted to have had an opportunity to discuss his work with a woman, 71 years young, who had just bought her first contemporary works and they were his. In fact, he had been in constant motion all evening. The artist was to have given a brief informal talk, but that went by the wayside. “I have been describing, discussing my work all evening, I don’t think I can speak anymore!” We laughed. I don’t think that anyone left the gallery disappointed.

DSC_4762 (1024x684)

You can see the work of Andrés Ferrandis through March 22nd, as well as at The McNay Art Museum Print Fair running through Sunday, March 2. Take my advice and do both!

Stay tuned for more as Ruiz-Healy Art prepares to expand into a fabulous new space! Never a dull moment…

To view the entire photo album, click here.


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