Elizabeth Rodriguez Steps Forward at Bihl Haus Arts

Installation by Elizabeth Rodriguez

Installation by Elizabeth Rodriguez “On the Eve of Consciousness” at Bihl Haus Arts. Photo by Daniel Gonzalez.

Kudos to Elizabeth Rodriguez on her exhibition at Bihl Haus Arts, “On the Eve of Consciousness.” I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth several months back. She has been a regular exhibitor at the Brick Marketplace Sunday happening. She keeps a fabulous collection of vintage clothing there on a semi-regular basis, terribly stylish and always tempting. Over time, we struck up an acquaintance and had several wonderful conversations, some of them delving into deep waters. I knew that she had worked with her former husband, artist Jesse Treviño, but she never mentioned that she was preparing her own body of work for an upcoming show.

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Final days for Cornelia White Swann: Fugitive Color I

swannCornelia White Swann: Fugitive Color I, currently showing at French & Michigan Gallery, is closing April 25. You are welcome during regular gallery hours (Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00am – 6:00pm) to view Swann’s paintings—either for the first time, or to discover the changes that have taken place in the work over the course of the exhibition.

The second of the two-part presentation, Fugitive Color II, opens in spring 2016 and coincides with the catalogue release. The publication examines Swann’s process and concepts through curatorial and experimental essays, broader cultural investigations, and interviews with the artist.
For more information on the artist or exhibition email gallery@frenchandmichigan.com.

Contemporary Art Month: Call For Entries. Artists. Unite.

CAM photo

When I moved to San Antonio a little over a year ago, the city-wide event that I was most excited about being able to immerse myself in was Contemporary Art Month. So, it is with a genuine sense of excitement that Page and I announce our partnership with CAM as a Media Sponsor. This is the first of many CAM posts you will see in the coming months. We hope to be your go-to source for all things CAM, so get ready.

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