Jesse Amado: 30 Day Rx at Ruiz-Healy Art

Jesse Amado, Tablet #1, 2015. Image courtesy Ruiz-Healy Art.

Jesse Amado, Tablet #1, 2015. Image courtesy Ruiz-Healy Art.

Known for his conceptually based art practice, Amado was born in San Antonio, Texas. He received his BA in English from the University of Texas at Austin and his BFA and MFA from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Amado resided in both Texas and New York City for many years, but has now chosen to live in his hometown full time.
The works in 30 Day Rx are informed by Amado’s recent personal experience with illness and prescription drugs. Focusing on the gamut of ways that pharmaceuticals inflect our daily lives, Amado reveals the beauty, power, and consequences of living in bodies consisting of, and charged with, chemicals. Take a dose.
30 Day Rx runs from April 30 through June 6, 2015 at Ruiz-Healy Art, located at 210-A East Olmos Drive in Olmos Park. There will be a cocktail reception Thursday, April 30, 6:00-8:00 pm. An artist Talk moderated by Patty Ortiz will be held Saturday, May 9, 2015, at 1:00 pm.

Come Son, Let Me Tell You a Lie: New Works by Joseph Phillips

brian phillips

When It Is Dark Enough (2015), by Brian Phillips

High culture is nothing but a child of that European perversion called history, the obsession we have with going forward, with considering the sequence of generations a relay race in which everyone surpasses his predecessor, only to be surpassed by his successor. Without this relay race called history there would be no European art and what characterizes it: a longing for originality, a longing for change. Robespierre, Napoleon, Beethoven, Stalin, Picasso, they’re all runners in the relay race, they all belong to the same stadium.

— Milan Kundera

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“Recent Works” by Brian Phillips

11133803_10152736166723093_2793839483818837837_n (700x607)Salvaged wood artist Brian Phillips has more than 20 years of experience making art and has been a full time artist since 2010. He’s primarily a self-taught artist; outside of high school art classes and some continuing education courses, trial and error has been his method.

When he finds the wood/objects he salvages, he tries to see the beauty in the blemishes, mistakes and years of use and abuse. It all has a story, good or bad. He’s always been drawn to layers and layers of paint drips, scrapes, nail holes and repurposed items.

Check out this blog post from Moniker Guitars – it shows Brian’s process for the custom painted guitar he did for them.

An opening reception for Phillips will be held at Dorcol Distilling, 1902 S. Flores Street, on Saturday, April 11 from 7-11 pm.

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Andrés Ferrandis: “Numinous” at Ruiz-Healy Art

Numinous (adj.)  describing an experience that makes you fearful yet excited and fascinated, awed yet attracted. The powerful, personal feeling of being overwhelmed and truly inspired.

DSC_4725 (1024x671)

We had the pleasure of chatting with contemporary artist, Andrés Ferrandis in advance of his show, Numinous, at Ruiz-Healy Art in Olmos Park. Ferrandis, in San Antonio for this opening event, hails from Valencia, Spain, and is currently based out of Miami.

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Thomas Sully Exhibit Ushers in a New Era at SAMA


Frances Anne Kemble as Beatrice, by Thomas Sully. Image courtesy San Antonio Museum of Art.

The San Antonio Museum of Art has enjoyed steady growth over the last few decades, and its latest move may be one of the boldest yet. The decision was made (and funding was found) to hire not only one, but two new curators. William Keyse Rudolph is the new curator of American Art and Chief Curator of Collections, and the very personable Merribell Parsons is the new curator of European Art.

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SOLI @ 20: Simply Spectacular


SOLI Ensemble takes a bow during a lengthy standing ovation at Gallery Nord.

PAST, the opening of SOLI Chamber Ensemble‘s 20th anniversary season, was our first adventure with the group – and definitely not the last. The event was hosted by Carina and Hans Gors at their beautiful contemporary art space, Gallery Nord, and it was an evening to remember.  An intimate group of about 50 enjoyed a presentation of world-class proportions in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The night began with a casual discussion of the music to be presented by the quartet. No quotes here, but let us just say that we have rarely encountered such a verbose group of artists. And this was a refreshing treat. It allowed us an eloquent glimpse of personality and passion prior to the performance.

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