SAMA Members’ Strong Response to Recent Staff Changes


Trey Todd (left) and Tom Greenwell (center) and at the SAMA Contemporaries tour of the Kanyusik collection, September 23, 2013.

Recent staff changes at San Antonio Museum of Art, namely the elimination of the position of Assistant Curator of Latin American Art, Nancy Fullerton, and the sudden resignation of Contemporary Curator David S. Rubin, came as a complete surprise to arts community. Our recent article focused on the outpouring of praise and support for them, but there have been a number of off-the-record remarks expressing discontent about this situation.

However, two well-respected SAMA members, Tom Greenwell and Trey Todd, have decided to go public with their displeasure.

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A Postcard from the Edge!


So…this innocuous-looking postcard arrives in my mailbox this afternoon. What could it be? And who sends postcards in this day and age, anyway? My 90-year-old aunt? Nah, she uses Facebook, too.

Let’s take a look at the other side, shall we…? (I strongly suggest you click on the link. Just sayin’…)

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